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The first question that nannies often ask is, "How much will I be paid?"

Let me begin by saying that every job is different, but nannies like any other commodity are paid in accordance with several factors. Generally salaries run from $400.00 to $1500.00 per week. The higher the pay scale the more demanding the job and the more training required. To help you determine the most realistic pay scale for your services Nanny's & Granny's offers the following guidelines:

Nanny's salaries vary from location to location. Sometimes pay varies in accordance with location so some of the pay may reflect a higher cost of living in a particular area. For example, Las Vegas salaries are lower than salaries in the North East section of the country but everything in the North East from sandwiches to personal services cost more than in Las Vegas.

Nanny's salaries vary with the number of hours worked. Nanny's & Granny's always suggest to our clients that they pay hourly rates or a salary for hours up to 40-45 hours per week and an hourly rate for any additional hours.

Nanny pay is directly related to the number of children cared for. Add about $50.00 - $100 per child to the base pay rate for each additional child. In other words, if a job pays $400.00 for two children, when the family has a third child, request an additional $50.00 - $100 per week.

Job pay is related to the number of housekeeping duties. If you are a purest and refuse to do housework that is fine, however if a family pays an outside housekeeping service that part of their income cannot be used to increase your pay. Most nannies make some accommodation for helping with light housekeeping.

Nanny pay is directly related to experience and education. If you have no experience, have not taken child development classes or a nanny training course, your pay will be less than if you have an education in early childhood development. If you are interested in taking Nanny's & Granny's Nanny Training Program online or on site, we can accommodate you.

At this time a moderate paying job for 1 or 2 in Las Vegas falls in the $450. To $550 per week range with other jobs ranging from $400.00-$1500.00.