Children Care Books [Nanny4u Infographic]

Nanny4u present its first Infographic “Children Care Books” (Nanny4u Infographic).

Access to good books is the primary step to discover the joy of reading among your children. The better books you will choose to gift to your children, the more likely your children’s brain will develop in the right direction.

Let us have a look on which type of books are suitable for children of different age groups and the purpose behind choosing those books.

Books for 3-18 months old: Poems, nursery rhymes
Purpose of teaching: To create phonological awareness and understanding of colors.  

Colors are a foundation of initial learning for children. Books teaching colors help to foster children’s interest in the virtual world from their early age. There are a plethora of books that include poems and nursery rhymes, especially designed to help children learn the differentiation of beautiful colors that exist in the world.

Books for 2-3 years old: Bed time stories, picture books
Purpose of teaching: To develop language and cognitive skills

The period of 2-3year-old children’s development is when your little ones enter into a world of story time, hands-on activities, and more. Reading bed time stories begins to take off at this age. You can choose to gift your little one attractive picture books that your kids enjoy while you read to him or her during the night time. These books come with eye-catching graphics and certainly help to develop the language and cognitive skills in your kid.

Books for 4-7 years old: Fantasy stories, fairy tales, stories with moral lessons
Purpose of teaching: To develop independent reading skills

At this age, when kids tend to develop an interest in books, they desire to read the books themselves. At this point, you can gift them books with fantasy stories, fairy tales, stories with moral lessons and more that can help to develop their independent reading skills. Since, in this age children want to live in the world made by their own imagination, these books certainly boost their thinking and imaginative power.

Books for 8-9 years old: Sophisticated stories, books to build vocabulary
Purpose of teaching: To reinforce and strengthen love for books

As children get more mature at this age, you can gift them sophisticated story books that can help to build their vocabulary and reinforce their love for reading books. These books might not be very visually attractive but will certainly help in your child’s overall brain development.

No matter what your child’s age might be, you can find a plethora of children’s books for different age groups very easily. Nurture your kid in the best possible way.

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